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Breaking Away
Filed under: General — teresa @ 11:43 pm

Totally funny and charming movie. If you’re feeling grumpy this will definitely pull you out of it (this works for girls AND guys!) and keep you happy for hours (days?) after.

The Lives of Others
Filed under: General — georg @ 2:53 pm

It’s kind of like “What if Big Brother were lonely and really wanted to be friends?” – and hey!  I just realized that it is actually SET in 1984 too!  Do you think the filmmakers intended that?  I think they did because they KILLED this movie.  Very good.

Rescue Dawn
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 2:31 pm

Funnier and more intense than expected, particularly the underrated Steve Zahn, of such cinematic gems as Daddy Day Care and Happy, Texas. If I weren’t so doped up on love for Christian Bale, I might even say SZ surpasses him in this film. “Might” being the operative word.

Filed under: General — nayiri @ 2:55 pm

Firstly, I love both Danny Boyle and Alex Garland. I love them separately, and I love them teamed up as this little UK power duo making really good, claustrophobic movies. That said, WTF?!

Color Me Kubrick
Filed under: General — andrew @ 1:59 pm

Nothing happens in this movie. Nothing. All set to clichéd music.

The Departed
Filed under: General — georg @ 5:19 pm

That Scorsese kid, he’s got a future in movies.  Keep an eye out for him.
Okay though, the Boston accents were good, but did everyone really need to have one?  WE DON’T ALL TALK LIKE THAT.

Children of Men
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 2:26 pm

Things I like, in no particular order: bleak, dreary movies about the future; bleak, dreary futures; Clive Owen; Julianne Moore; Michael Caine; dogs.  This movie’s got it all!

The History Boys
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 10:31 am

Why is it that whenever I like a character, he dies? Even if it’s the portent of death and not quite Death Itself. Apparently my affection is a curse.

White Chicks
Filed under: General — georg @ 10:50 pm

It’s pretty much exactly what you expect, plus it makes fun of rich people. the best post-movie quote, from Grace: “Wasn’t it just a little bit funny? Didn’t it make you laugh a couple times?”

The Fountain
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 12:15 am

Self-indulgent?  Sure.  Well-acted?  Definitely!  Irritating as all fuck?  Sometimes.  Did I cry cry cry?  You fucking bet!

Thank You For Smoking
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 12:14 am

Hysterical, hysterical, hysterical.  Aaron Eckhart is amazing in this, and Maria Bello is spectacular as always.  But please, can we just talk about Katie Holmes for a second?  I don’t care if this sort of role is a so-called “departure” for her.  She’s always going to be sucky Joey Potter.

Save the Last Dance
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 12:12 am

What a load of garbage, though it was nice to see McManus from Oz in a non-jail setting.  Oh, and Julia Stiles gets really slack-jawed sometimes.

Casino Royale
Filed under: reviews — nayiri @ 12:09 am

Jeez, the trailers give this whole movie away.  And man, Eva Green looks way younger without as much makeup on.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Filed under: General, reviews — nayiri @ 8:43 pm

I can understand why people find this hysterical, but I though it really sad in an awkward laugh-at-the-retard-because-everyone’s-laughing-at-the-retard way. Oh, and Borat’s compatriot speaks, funnily enough, some kind of pidgin Armenian, which only sort of totally freaked me out.

Filed under: georg, reviews — georg @ 12:35 am

High school film noir!  Awesome!  Best line in the movie?  Maybe when that kid from 3rd Rock says to the assistant Vice Principal: “You’ve got a problem with me? Then write me up or suspend me!”  Yes!

Wall Street
Filed under: General, reviews — nayiri @ 10:00 pm

Why is it that in movies made in the eighties, men (generally speaking) look okay some twenty-odd-years later while both women and décor look totally busted?

The Science of Sleep
Filed under: General — andrew @ 10:53 am

Philipe asked Michel Gondry what the saddest thing was, and he made this movie.

Filed under: General, reviews — nayiri @ 9:31 pm

I love revenge. And pot dreams.

The Paper
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 9:30 pm

Damn, this movie is all dramatical.  Michael Keaton does a great point-eyebrows job, Glenn Close is fab as usual, and I love Marisa Tomei more than garlic bread with cheese.  But why is it okay for a lady to slam a man’s head into a metal machine and then split is lip, but it’s not okay for a man to deck a lady?

The Wire: Seasons 1-3
Filed under: General — nayiri @ 9:29 pm

Seriously, this is the best show on television.  EVER.  Netflix these, and do not leave your TV screen until you are through.  Hold your pee even.  Season 4 is on HBO right now, so if you move it you can still catch up.

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