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New York Times playing catch-up again

Once again, Round scoops the Times on a big story. Last time it was subways, this time: elevators. It's part of our scariest issue ever. Round Magazine: Trend-setter!
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Damn lousy crows again
by Ben Gould
illustrated by Robert Burch
from the current issue:

On the Many Ways We Could All Die
You’d be surprised just how dangerous physics can be
by Jason Kahn
illustrated by Caitlin Doering

Every Morning at 7:40
Public Transportation is a great way to make friends!
by Nayiri Krikorian
illustrated by Joshua Robinson

Glow Fangs
Man, I wish MY teeth were that freakin' cool
by Dave Murray

Do you like who you are, or are you just lying to yourself?
by Thomas Healy

In Your House
Man! Your house is SPOOKY!
by Ryan Hughes

Chain Mail
Well, it MIGHT just be a hoax, but you never know...
by Rich Zessis


I am an American and I Eat Hot Dogs
Dog Crawl NYC Stop 1: Katz's Deli, E. Houston St., NYC
by Paul DeGeorge

Puffs Legs' Jokes
Today's joke: How Low Can You No
Puffs Legs is: Mike Briggs and Dave Hooper

Blue Milk
Today's Comic: Blue Milk Goes on Hiatus
by Joshua Robinson

Wicked Brief Movie Reviews
Breaking Away
with the movie gang

Under the Covers
Last Christmas
with the covers gang

Amazing Tales of Travel
Friends don't let friends move to Northern England
with the travel gang

Tapioca World Tour
Bon tussles with the world
by Audubon Dougherty

Asia Adventure
Travel with Jon through Japan
by Jon Siegel