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Super Duper Weenie, Fairfield, CT
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1 x New Yorker, 1 x Cincinnattian, $3.25 each

For the past few years of touring, I had been seeing the signs for Super Duper Weenie every time we drove from New York City back to Boston. It jumps right out at you on 95N around exit 24 in Connecticut. I was always curious about this place and it kept popping up on certain lists, so I knew I’d have to check it out. The one thing that kept me from doing so was the boycott.

Yes, the boycott of Connecticut. There are certain people amongst us, myself included, that feel that Connecticut is not really a part of true New England. All of the New England states really have their own uniqueness to them – a gritty, self-determined mindset. All except Connecticut, whose defining characteristic is that it wants to be New York. It’s obvious that the state has forsaken it’s New England heritage and instead tried to model itself after its neighbor to the west. Christ, they even keep electing Joe Lieberman! So with that treachery in mind, I had resolved not to spend any money in Connecticut – never contribute to their economy in any way. We always gas up at the borders and never stop for food – until today.

And honestly, despite breaking the boycott, I’m really glad I stopped because Super Duper Weenie does pretty much everything right. It’s a great-looking shack, with a few barstools and counter space for 8-10 people. There’s an adjacent room, with about a half-dozen picnic tables all strung together in two long rows – so they’ve got the totally unpretentious atmosphere bit covered. The menu itself is a tour through the great hot dogs of America: New England, New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, West Virginia (Dixie) – all my favorites are here! I grabbed a New Yorker which came with kraut, onion sauce, mustard and hot relish. The relish was really what put this dog over the edge. It had a great kick to it that really brought the whole dog together. I also grabbed a Cincinnatian and was pleased to find that, here in Connecticut, they have a better grip on this dog than most of the places in the Midwest. The chili was very well-seasoned and the cheddar was nice and melty. The dogs themselves were split length-wise and then grilled with the flat side down, which brought an excellent flavor into the entirety of the dog. I tried a bite of a couple other dogs. The chili-slaw dog was poorly proportioned and had a little too much slaw (or not enough chili) for my tastes. The New Englander tasted fine, but I’m not really sure how bacon got into the recipe. I don’t think that’s necessarily a regional characteristic unique to New England.

Our friend Dave, who plays in the all-hockey band the Zambonis, lives real close and came by to meet us for some food. We had arrived just before closing and after we were served, the guy behind the counter gave us the remainder of the dogs on the grill. So after stuffing ourselves, we had 3 more hot dogs to deal with. Dave was on his way to a party that Moby’s old band was supposed to be playing at, so I decided to send along a gift to Moby.

P.S. Moby’s vegan
P.P.S. Moby never showed up to the party. I don’t know what Dave did with the hot dog.


  1. I see you tried dogs in Pittsburgh, next time there, you have got to try “The O.” Best Hot Dogs in a large radius, of which I don’t know, but it has to be big since the damn dogs are well worth going into the neighborhood.

    I’m going to start my own Hot Dog Blog site as well, was wondering if I could add you as a link. In return, you promise to link to me in 6 months and I’ll also kick in a pack of Tony-Paco’s dogs!

    Comment by BuckeyeDog — 10/16/2007 @ 3:26 am

  2. Twice I’ve stopped there and twice they’ve been closed. What the hell.

    Comment by Cryssy — 11/6/2007 @ 3:53 pm

  3. Dude, I live in Connecticut and that is so not true! At least about this part. The other part should be ripped off and given to New York. But the gritty mill town side (where I am) is much more interesting.

    Comment by superblondgirl — 11/22/2007 @ 10:06 pm

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