I am an American and I Eat Hot Dogs

some cart near the City Center Sheraton, Toronto, ON, Canada
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I guess this was my first Canadian hot dog. We’re up in Toronto at this Harry Potter symposium and there are all these hot dog carts positioned around a park across the street from the hotel. This is good because mostly we are too busy running around and drinking and dancing and partying to have much time for eating. For some, this is their only source of solid food for the weekend. I’m somehow able to limit my intake to just one dog over the course of the weekend. It helped that I got invited to some kind of Slub Club-like cocktail hour and my brother and I stole a whole tray of finger food. We should have tried to get that bottle of Grand Marnier too!

The hot dog was decent. I think I actually got a veggie dog hoping it would be healthier. I have no idea. They had some nice condiments on the cart. Yellow peppers, onions, relishes, etc. I loaded it up veggie style. It hit the spot. Probably one of the most satisfying things I ate that weekend, but that’s not saying much.


  1. the veggie dogs at that cart ruled! i ate one for every day i was in canada.

    ps. here is your brother at said hot dog stand.

    Comment by jolene — 9/25/2007 @ 4:58 pm

  2. You should have tried an all beef, or a sausage, toronto does those a lot better than their veggie dogs.

    Comment by Spiky — 10/15/2007 @ 11:10 pm

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