Melodic Melodies
by Ryan Hughes
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We Can Hear
What are the sounds you wake up to?
by Nayiri Krikorian
illustrated by Dave Murray

Melodic Melodies
Ah, to be 17 and in the language lab
by Ryan Hughes

Just think of life without sound. Okay, now stop.
by Darlington Howland

Old buildings are pretty damn awesome in their own way
by Jennie Ross

Morning Rituals
Everyday, first thing in the morning
by Arno Tijnagel

Elizabeth wakes me up before dawn and says that there are mice in the walls
Do you know what the mice in the walls are singing about?
by Marcella Hammer
illustrated by Karin Goodfellow

Melodic Melodies II
What do you think this kid's listening to? Maybe something instructional?
by Ryan Hughes

If you're not looking through the peephole, does the outside world make a sound?
by Ryanne Hodson

Concerning the Beauty of Subway Maps
I'm still waiting to see some of these at MoMA
by Georg Pedersen